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Translation/Interpretation Supporters

At the Yamaguchi International Exchange Association, we provide translation and interpretation supporters for foreigners needing these services.

Request for translation/interpretation

  1. Fill out and send in the Translation/Interpretation Supporter Request Form (Requester → YIEA)
  2. Request is sent to registered supporters (YIEA → Supporters)
  3. Response from supporter(s) accepting or declining the request (Supporters → YIEA)
  4. Introducing the supporter(s) who accepts the request to requester (YIEA → Requester)
  5. Meeting about the translation/interpretation details (Arranged directly between requester and supporter(s).)
  6. Translation/Interpretation service in progress
  7. Turning in a Service Report Form (Requester → YIEA)

Once a supporter(s) accepts the request, we will send you his/her contact information. Please contact the person yourself and explain your request in more detail.

Please contact us for information about the availability of translation/interpretation supporters by phone, email, or in person before sending a Translation/Interpretation Supporter Request Form.

  • We kindly ask for your understanding that there are times when we are not able to provide a supporter.

Request Form

Report Form


Number of Translation/Interpretation Supporters

Language Number of Registered Supporters
English 79
Chinese 27
Korean 20
Spanish 10
French 7
Vietnamese 4
Indonesian 2
Thai 2
Tagalog 2
Sinhala 1
German 1
Nepali 1
Portugal 1
Malay 1
Russian 1

Updated on 2019.11.1

  • Overlap in Registered Supporters Possible

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