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Yamaguchi International Exchange Association 25th Anniversary Event International Festival 2015 – Around the World from Yamaguchi

  • 公開日:2014年12月26日

Date: 10:00~16:00, Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Place:Yamaguchi-ken Sogo Hoken Kaikan(Yamaguchi General Health Center)

3-1-1 Yoshiki Shimohigashi, Yamaguchi City

Price:Entry is Free!


The YIEA has been working to promote understanding of the world’s many different cultures, and create a peaceful and flourishing international community since its founding on January 25, 1990. This January it will finally be reaching its 25th anniversary.

In celebration of these last 25 years and a bright future, the YIEA is working with international groups throughout the prefecture to hold an anniversary event. Whether you’ll be bringing your friends or family, we look forward to seeing you!

Schedule of Events

25th Anniversary Ceremony (10:00 ~ 10:20)

Commemorative Lecture (10:30 ~ 11:50)

Charmed by Incan Civilization ~ Japan’s Indiana Jones and his grandson in Peru

Hiroshi Sakane (Director of the Amano Museum in Peru)

How did the Incans build such an advanced civilization without a writing system or iron tools? How did their civilization fall almost overnight? Hiroshi Sakane, well-versed in the civilizations of Ancient Peru, will discuss the mysteries of the fall of the Incan Empire. His grandfather, Mr. Yoshitaro Amano, founder of the Amano Museum, will speak about his adventures in Peru.

Commemorative Performance (12:30 ~ 14:00)

“A Global Stage”

Norihiko Kuwayama, M.D. (Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, and Representative Director of the NPO “A Global Stage”)

Norihiko Kuwayama is a Japanese doctor who has also worked to provide medical assistance internationally to countries that have experienced disasters such as Palestine and East Timor.  In “A Global Stage” he will speak of the people that he met, and their moving stories, accompanied by original music and images. His office, in Natori, Miyagi, has also experienced the power of earthquakes during the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. He will introduce you to some of the many people who are working hard to ensure that we remember the disasters of the past.


Performances (14:30 ~16:00)

l  Traditional Japanese Dance – performed by Shunan International Children’s Club

l  Folklore Music – performed by Yama Kimura Rina & Yoshiki-Cha

l  Yosakoi Dance – performed by Yamaguchi University Yosakoi Yassan

l  Flamenco – performed by Flayco Flamenco


Food and Drink from around the World

From traditional Japanese sweets and green tea, to German wine and sausage, there will be a wide selection of international cuisine available.  Travel to the Americas with Brazilian pão de queijo and American chocolates, or visit nearby Korea with delicious tteokbokki and makgeolli. Taste different teas and coffees from Russia, Brazil, and East Timor.  You’ll also find delicious food from China, Spain, Thailand and more, as well as a selection of Fair Trade products.

Workshops ~ Crafts, Clothes and Games from across the Globe

Workshops with the Coordinators for International Relations

Learn Chinese paper cutting, make God’s eyes from yarn, create collages in the style of Gaudí, and fold Korean origami hanbok

Around the World Trivia

As you make your way around the event, visiting many countries, you can answer trivia questions.  There’s a prize for anyone who answers all of the questions

l  Kimono Corner

Try on a traditional Japanese kimono

l  Traditional Instrument Making

Make a quena, a traditional Peruvian instrument

l  Traditional Japanese Games

Try out kendama and calligraphy

l  Clothing of the World

See and try on a variety of traditional clothing



There are more than 100 international organizations in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Check out the many booths and talk with the members to see what kind of activities and events they are planning.

JICA Corner

Hear stories from members of the Japan International Cooperation Agency about their work in various countries, including Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Nepal.  You can also taste beverages from many different countries.


Contact us:

Yamaguchi International Exchange Association

4-17-1 Yoshiki Shimohigashi, Yamaguchi City

Phone: 083-925-7353


Website: http://www.yiea.or.jp

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