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Would you like to join “International Exchange Program in Tokuji”?(We have already reached the cap of 20 applicants, and have stopped accepting applications.)

  • 公開日:2016年09月02日

Are you interested in taking part in an International Cultural Exchange Program in Tokuji with Yamaguchi high school students?  Enjoy an International Understanding Workshop, exchange activities, an astronomical observation, hands-on soba-making workshop, and more!


【Date】Saturday, October 29th  ~ Sunday, October 30th, 2016

【Place】National Yamaguchi Tokuji Youth Outdoor Learning Center and Chogen no Sato

(Both in Tokuji, Yamaguchi)

【Who can Participate】Foreign nationals living in Yamaguchi Prefecture (at least high school age)

【Participant Cap】First 20 applicants.  *We expect to have 20 high school student participants

【Participation Fee】2,000 yen (Apply for Tokuji and become YIEA member)

/ 3,000 yen (Apply for Tokuji without becoming YIEA member)

*Including the charge for accommodation, foods, insurance, charter bus and Japanese culture experiment.

*To be paid on the day of the event *YIEA members have many benefits such as restaurant discounts.

Date Schedule of Events
Saturday, October 29th Morning: Yamaguchi University Tokiwa Campus(7:30)→Shin-Yamaguchi Station (8:30)→ Yamaguchi University Yoshida Campus (9:00) → YPU (9:30)→Tokuji Youth Outdoor Learning Center (10:30)  *by Charter bus



Afternoon: Exchange activities (Team sports, etc.)

Evening: Dinner, International Understanding Workshop, An Astronomical Observation

【Spend the night at National Yamaguchi Tokuji Youth Outdoor Learning Center】

Sunday,October 30th Morning: Breakfast, charter bus to Chogen no Sato, tour of Chogen no SatoLunch: Hands-on soba-making workshop, Lunch, Hands-on paper-making workshopAfternoon: Chogen no Sato (14:00) → YPU (15:00)→Yamaguchi University Yoshida Campus(15:30) → Shin-Yamaguchi Station (16:00)→Yamaguchi University Tokiwa Campus(17:00)  *by Charter bus                *Schedule is subject to change

【Additional Information】This event will be held in Japanese. However, there will be English, Mandarin, and Spanish speaking staff to provide multilingual support.

Lodgings will be divided by gender, with one large room for men and one large room for women.

【How to apply】The application form can be sent by email, fax or mail, or brought to the YIEA in person. The application form can be downloaded on the YIEA home page.

【Application Deadline】Friday, September 30th, 2016

*Applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis for the first 20people.

*We have already reached the cap of 20 applicants, and have stopped accepting applications.

【Sponsored by】Yamaguchi International Exchange Association


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