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Typhoon Warning (August 30th, 2013)

  • 公開日:2013年08月30日

Typhoon Warning (August 30th, 2013)


■Typhoon Warning(English)

■Typhoon Warning(Japanese)

■Typhoon Warning(Chinese)


【Attention】(August 30th, 2013)

The typhoon #15 is approaching.

According to the weather forecast, “The typhoon (tropical cyclone) will hit Yamaguchi Prefecture from August 31th to September 1st.”


1. What is a typhoon?

○ During a typhoon there are strong winds and heavy rains.

○ Please be careful until the typhoon has completely passed.


2. Possible Problems

○ Objects might be blown around. In strong winds, trees and telephone poles may fall. (Windstorms,”Boufu”)

○ Strong winds may cause the ocean to rise. The ocean may flood. (High tides, “Takashio”)

○ Rain may cause rivers and irrigation channels to rise and overflow (Flooding, “Kozui”)

○ Houses might flood.

○ The earth and rock on mountains may slide down. (Landslides, “Doshakuzure”)


○ Electricity, gas, or water service might stop.

○ Airplanes might not fly. Trains and buses might stop.


3. What to do

○ Buy food and water in advance. Food like bread and cookies are good choices.


Choosing Food

① Pick food that does not need to be refrigerated.

② Pick food that does not need to be washed, cooked, or boiled.


○ Charge your cell phone. Have a flashlight available.

It is a good idea to have way to charge your cell phone with batteries.


○ Don’t go outside when it’s not necessary. Stay away from the ocean and rivers.

However, if you think that being at your house is dangerous, move quickly to a safer area.