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Prepare yourself for Rainy Season Disasters!

  • 公開日:2021年07月09日
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During the rainy season, sediment-related disasters and floods due to heavy and long rains are more likely to occur. In order to protect yourself from these disasters, be prepared on a daily basis and take early disaster prevention actions with the mentality of protecting your own safety.
1 Daily preparation
・ Use the hazard map created by the municipality to check the danger points, evacuation sites, and evacuation routes in your area.
・ Consider evacuating to a safe place such as a relative’s house or acquaintance’s house where there is no risk of disaster.
・ Prepare an emergency knapsack for when evacuation is necessary. Prepare a mask, antiseptic solution, and thermometer, and check what you think you will need, such as medications and powdered milk.
・ Prepare at least 3 days’ worth of stockpile such as water and food at each household.
・ Discuss the meeting place and safety confirmation method with your family so that you and your family can act without hesitation in case of emergency.
2 When it starts to rain heavily
・ Check the latest disaster prevention weather information released by the weather station on TV, radio, and the Internet.
・ Yamaguchi Prefecture will distribute disaster prevention information through ‘Bousai Yamaguchi’, so please check back from time to time.
・ Avoid going out unnecessarily so that you will not be involved in a disaster caused by heavy rain.
・ If you live in an area where warning level 3 (evacuation for the elderly, etc.) and warning level 4 (evacuation order) have been issued by the municipality, evacuate immediately.
・ Even if warning level 3 and warning level 4 have not been announced, if you feel something is off or it takes time for you to evacuate, evacuate as soon as possible at your own discretion.
3 When evacuating
・ As a general rule, evacuate on foot and wear comfortable shoes.
・ For emergency items, put them in a knapsack, etc. and carry them on your back so that you can use both hands.
・ When flooded, pay attention to your feet and move while checking the front with a cane.
・ Talk to your family and neighbors and evacuate early.
・ If evacuation to an evacuation site is dangerous, take the safest possible actions, such as evacuating to a safe place nearby or evacuating to a high place indoors.
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