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Japanese Temple Experience for foreign residents

  • 公開日:2022年01月14日
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Why don’t you listen to the story of the temple and experience Japanese culture such as “Zazen”?*(sitting meditation.)
【Date&Place】March 5, 2022 (Sat)  14:00~16:00 @  Tohshunji Temple
Please come to the Yamaguchi International Exchange Association by 13:40.
【Target】 Any foreigner living in Yamaguchi Prefecture can participate.
【articipation fee】 500 yen
【Capacity】 Up to 30 persons
【Application】 Please apply using the form. ( https://forms.gle/8CDPz2FDQZTGTGQY7 )
【Lecturer】 Mr. Sosen Fukano (Abbot of Tohshunji Temple)
※Please do not wear a short skirt for the time of “Zazen” experience.
◆The lecture will be conducted using an easy Japanese and English.
◆The lecture will be conducted after taking measures against COVID 19 infection.
Please be sure to participate with a mask.
If you have symptoms such as coughing, fever, or fatigue, please do not participate.
◆Depending on the spread of COVID 19 infection, please note that the lecture may be canceled or changed.
*”Zazen” is a form of meditation performed in a cross legged sitting posture.
This is practiced in Zen Buddhism to attain the ideal state of supreme enlightenment.

<Meeting Place & Contact>
Yamaguchi International Exchange Association (YIEA)
1-7, Mizunoue-cho, Yamaguchi City 〒753-0082
TEL 083 925 7353  / Email yiea.info@yiea.or.jp