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It’s Influenza season !

  • 公開日:2013年12月27日

It’s flu season! Please take care.


Multilingual information

□English (PDF)

□Japanese (PDF)

□Chinese (PDF)

□Korean (PDF)

□Spanish (PDF) 


~About Influenza~

■Main Symptoms

○A sudden fever over 38°C

○Coughing, sore throat, joint pain

○Fatigue or sluggishness

※If you show symptoms, go to the hospital quickly.

※The elderly, children and those pregnant or chronically ill should be especially careful.


■Flu Season

○Peaks from January to February but can continue into May.


■How the Flu Spreads

○Virus carried through coughs can enter your nose or mouth

○Touching a surface an infected person has touched



1. After returning home, wash your hands well.

If possible, use hand sanitizer.

2. Get your nutrition, and sleep well.

Strengthen your immune system to prevent the flu.

3. Getting a vaccination is even more effective.

Even if you catch the flu, it will prevent more serious symptoms.


■If you catch the flu, be careful not to spread it to others

○Ventilate the room once an hour

○People with and without the flu should wear masks

○Wash your hands well

○Other people can still catch your flu up to 2 days after you fever goes down.  Avoid going to school or work


■Useful Links

○Yamaguchi Medical Information Network

This site allows you to search for medical institutions with foreign language support.



○Multilingual Medical Questionnaire

This multilingual questionnaire was designed to help foreigners explain the condition of injuries and symptoms to medical personnel when during a hospital visit.  It was created by the Kanagawa International Foundation and NPO International Community Hearty Konandai.