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International Exchange Workshop for Young Adults

  • 公開日:2017年01月05日

A workshop for Japanese and foreign residents of Yamaguchi Prefecture focused on international exchange. Participate in discussions aimed to further international understanding and provide an opportunity to network with people from across the globe.


Date  10:00~16:00, Sunday, February 26, 2017 Participants

(Venue Opens at 9:30

Venue  Caliente Yamaguchi, First floor, Large Hall

(5-1-1, Yuda Onsen, Yamaguchi City)

Organizer  Yamaguchi Prefectural Chapter of the

United Nations Association of Japan

International Exchange

Workshop for Young Adults

  • Eligibility  Young Japanese and foreign adults

(senior high school students ~35 years old)

living in Yamaguchi Prefecture who are

interested in international exchange

  • Capacity  ~24 young adults

(Planning for 12 Japanese, 12 foreigners)

※Held in Japanese, but participation in English is possible.


Please bring the image files on the day of the workshop.

On the day of the workshop, please bring a USB with your name holding around 10 pictures of your

favorite place, thing, or food in Yamaguchi Prefecture (E.g.: tourist spots, scenery, specialty goods,

souvenirs, work of arts, food, etc.).

*Those who do not have a USB, please send the pictures to us by Friday, February 17. Each picture

must not exceed 1MB. E-mail:ws2017@l-happystyle.com


  1. Do not use pictures that apply or may apply to the following conditions.
  • Pictures breaking the law
  • Pictures that go against public order and standards of decency
  • Pictures contrary to public welfare
  • Pictures with the intentions of publicizing and advertising business names and specific product names
  • Pictures related to political activities or religious activities
  • Pictures slandering individuals, businesses, or organizations or invading people’s privacy
  • Inappropriate content or expressions or pictures that make others feel uncomfortable
  • Pictures which you do not have their copyrights (ex. using a picture your friend took without his/her

permission is not allowed)

  • Other instances include pictures the organizers claim not to be suitable for the workshop
  1. Do not bring photos that infringe on a third person’s portrait rights and privacy rights. You must receive

the approval of individuals who can be specified in the picture. If a third party files suit for violation of

infringement on one’s rights, liability claim, etc. or raises objection or opposition, the organizers hold no

responsibility, and the responsibility and burdening of the costs of handling and resolving the case will be

on the person who brought the pictures. The organizers also hold no responsibility if the person who

brought the photos incites damage.

  1. The costs of bringing in photos to the workshop will be on the participant.
  2. Pictures brought will be shared and used among the participants at the workshop.
  3. The copyright of the created informational videos showing the appeal of Yamaguchi Prefecture will

belong to the organizers. You give your consent for Yamaguchi Prefectural Chapter of the United Nations

Association of Japan and Yamaguchi Prefectural Government to broadcast the created videos on mediums

like the internet, to distribute and use them at events and tourism promotion activities, and reproduce and

edit the video.

  1. By bringing pictures to the venue, you have agreed to the all precautions.

How to Apply

Fax or email your name, age, country of origin, occupation (school

name and year), phone number and email to the address below.

*Please let us know if you would prefer to participate in English.

Deadline to Apply

By Friday, January 27, 2017

*Applications will be accepted in order of arrival and will be closed

once the capacity has been met.


Send Questions and Applications to

Yamaguchi Prefectural

Chapter of the United Nations

Association of Japan

(Yamaguchi Prefectural Government

International Division)

Ms. Harada or Ms. Kubo

1-1 Takimachi, Yamaguchi City 753-8501




URL: http://unaj-yamaguchi.sakura.ne.jp/