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HOFU GLOBAL FESTA〜An Exiting Global Gathering〜

  • 公開日:2012年09月13日

Date: October7 sun 10:00〜15:00

Place: Rursus Hofu Wasshoi Plaza (Hofu,Sakae,1-5-1)

“Everyone of foreigners living inHofu”

Teach us about your country!

Anything goes!We’re setting up booths which will help introduce your country to us.

Would you like to bring some photos or other things from your country and show them to the local residents?

World Foods! World Rhythms! World Goods!

→ There will also be exhibits from international exchange groups and introductions to world cultures!

Contact: Hofu Global Net

C/O Hofu Citizens’Aide Center

TEL 0835-38-4422

Sponsored by: Hofu Global Net

Backed by: Hofu-City&Hofu Citizens’Aide Center