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Guide to Pregnancy/Childbirth for Foreign Mothers

  • 公開日:2012年03月01日

Welcome to Yamaguchi!

 At Yamaguchi International Exchange Association, we provide interpretation/translation services dealing with everyday living, free lawyer consultations, Japanese language classes taught by volunteers and other various support services for foreigners to live comfortably in the prefecture.

 This guidebook was created to provide information on pregnancy, parenting and other services for foreign parents who are giving birth or raising a child in Yamaguchi Prefecture. It must be very difficult to live in a foreign country in general. Childbirth is something to be very thankful of and happy of, but it can be difficult to give birth and raise a child in a foreign country. It can also be very hard to find and understand most of this information in Japanese. We hope this pregnancy/parenting guidebook can provide you some assistance. Please contact us if you have any thoughts or comments.

 Also, please contact us if you are having any troubles, not only in pregnancy or parenting.

 You are not alone. We are happy to have you and your family join us in Japan. We hope that giving birth in Japan will be of something special.

Guide to Pregnancy/Childbirth for Foreign Mothers(PDF)