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Event -Cooking and Cultural Exchange!

  • 公開日:2010年06月11日

Date : Saturday, June 26th, 2010   10:00 AM〜2:00 PM

Place: Yamaguchi Women’s Educational and Cultural Public Hall

(Caliente Yamaguchi) 2nd Floor, Yudaonsen 5-1-1, Yamaguchi City TEL 083-922-2792

Menu:Participants will cook together in three groups (one group is intended for foreigners) and then eat the food the groups cooked.

» Iranian  Food: Broad bean rice, Skewered  hamburg  steak, and  Salad

» Philippine  Food: Simmered shrimp with coconut  milk, Spring roll of Banana

» Japanese Food (Group for foreigners): temaki-sushi, hand-made noodles, Kinako mochi

What to bring: an apron, a bandanna, a towel

Fee: 300 yen

How to apply: Read the following, and apply by phone or email with the following information. name, age, tel, if you need is to take care of your child/children(Free), please let us know.

35 spots available (First come, first serve basis)

◆Your personal information will only be used for this course.

Send Applications to:

〒753-0074  Chuo 2-5-1, Yamaguchi City(Yamaguchi City Civic Hall Office 2nd Fl.)Yamaguchi City Gender Equality Promotion Center           

TEL /FAX 083-934-28 e-mail:mw3kaku@c-able.ne.jp

Deadline: Sunday, June 20th(We’ll stop taking applications when all spots are taken.)

For those who have difficulties in communicating in Japanese…. 

Contact YIEA at nakae@yiea.or.jp

Sponsor: Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi City Gender Equality Promotion Network