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Evacuation Information

  • 公開日:2023年07月08日
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◆Alert Level 3: Evacuation for the elderly, etc. (koreisha tou hinan)
*Elderly people and people with disabilities who need more time to evacuate should evacuate dangerous areas at “Alert Level 3 (Evacuation for the elderly, etc.)”

◆Alert Level 4: Evacuation Order (hinan shiji)
*ALL PEOPLE should evacuate from dangerous areas at “Alert Level 4 (Evacuation Order)”

◆Alert Level 5: Emergency Safety Measures (kinkyuu anzen kakuho)
*At Alert Level 5 (Emergency Safety Measures), it is already too late to evacuate safely and lives are in danger. Do not wait for “Alert Level 5 (Emergency Safety Measures)” to be issued. Be sure to evacuate by Alert Level 4.

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