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Request from Yamaguchi Prefecture regarding the prevention of the spread of COVID-19【November 26th, 2020】

  • 公開日:2020年12月22日
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Request to the residents and businesses of Yamaguchi Prefecture (As of November 26th, 2020)

Since going into November, there have been coronavirus clusters in the prefecture and positive cases have been confirmed, but because of the active efforts in PCR testing, the infection has not spread throughout the prefecture.

However, due to the national situation with the virus, the GoTo Travel campaign has suspended Sapporo City and Osaka City as the destination.

Because of the nationwide spread of the virus and its risk of spread in Yamaguchi, there is a need for us to continue to work on mitigating it.

I would like to ask the residents and businesses of this prefecture for your cooperation and understanding to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

<Points to consider for travel between prefectures>

Please refrain from traveling to areas that have suspended the use of the GoTo Travel Campaign.

Please avoid all unessential travel to areas with rapid increases in cases. If you are traveling between prefectures, please make sure to pay attention of the situation of your destination and take all possible measures to prevent infection.

<Infection prevention measures at restaurants>

When talking, please wear a face mask and take extra measures such as avoiding large groups and long hours at restaurants which are considered high risk situations.

Please go to restaurants with COVID-19 safety stickers or restaurants that take measures to mitigate the spread of the virus.

<Compliance with the infection prevention guidelines>

For businesses such as restaurants, please re-enforce the infection prevention guidelines outlined for each industry.

Although it is getting cold, we ask that you ventilate regularly and keep the humidity at an appropriate level.

<Thorough infection prevention measures for the New Year holidays>

As the winter holidays approach and the number of dinner parties increase, we ask that each and every one of you practice the ”new lifestyle” measures to prevent the spread of infection, avoid the three C’s, wear a mask, and wash your hands. Please thoroughly implement infection prevention measures in the 5 situations with increased risk (PDF : 316KB).

The New Year holidays are when the volume of travelers increase, so we ask for your cooperation in staggered holidays plans to curb coronavirus spread. We also ask that businesses encourage staggered vacation days for employees.

Governor of Yamaguchi Prefecture

MURAOKA Tsugumasa