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Request from Yamaguchi Prefecture regarding the prevention of the spread of COVID-19(April 13th, 2020)

  • 公開日:2020年04月16日
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April 13th, 2020

To all citizens and companies in Yamaguchi (Governor’s message)

 On April 7, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, and Hyogo were declared to be in a state of emergency. However, the number of cases continues to rise throughout the country including those areas. And the situation of the spread of infections within Yamaguchi remains highly unpredictable.

 I would like to ask the citizens of the prefecture to cooperate with the following points in order to protect your own lives as well as the lives of those important to you. In particular, please refrain from traveling to and from areas that are declared a state of emergency.

◎ Please refrain from all un-essential travel not only to areas declared a state of emergency but also all prefectures outside of Yamaguchi, except for commuting to work and school, visiting hospitals, etc.

◎ Please refrain from all un-essential visitations to Yamaguchi from outside of the prefecture, including visits to your hometown. If there is someone thinking about coming, please encourage them otherwise.

◎ For companies in the prefecture, please have your employees refrain from going on business trips outside the prefecture, as well as have related parties refrain from visiting Yamaguchi. Please also refrain from holding meetings and events that involves people from outside the prefecture, and use alternative methods such as email and video conferencing.

◎ For those who unavoidably returned from outside the prefecture or who came to the prefecture, please be through with health management for 2 weeks, rest if feeling unwell, and if you have symptoms do not recklessly go outdoors.

In particular, if you return to Yamaguchi from a homecoming or a business trip that involved staying overnight, please refrain from un-essential travel for 2 weeks, stay home, wash your hands thoroughly, and practice social distancing from your family.

◎ I ask that each and every one of the citizens of this prefecture take precautionary measures against the virus, such as washing the hands, avoiding closed spaces and crowded areas, as well as practice social distancing. As part of this, please refrain from going out to restaurants, etc. that involve customers in the downtown area.

MURAOKA Tsugumasa

Governor of Yamaguchi Prefecture