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Emergency Information(Monday, July 29, 3:30pm)

  • 公開日:2013年07月30日

Monday, July 29, 3:30pm


<disaster information>

Torrential rain(unprecedented heavy rain)hits Yamaguchi Prefecture(especially Yamaguchi city,Hagi city,and Abu town)on July 28(Sunday).It has caused mudslides and flooding in many parts of the prefecture.1 person have died, and 1 is missing.

Weather officials warn of more rain on July 29(Monday).They are advising people to remain vigilant for landslides, floods, swollen rivers, lightning and strong winds.



・Road information can be accessed at ”Douro-mieru-navi

・JR service on the Yamaguchi line has been suspended between Miyano and Masuda stations.

・JR service on tha Sanin line has been suspended between Nagato-shi and Masuda stations.

Temporary substitutional bus service is running between Nagato-shi and Higashihagi stations.



Water supply is out of service in the following area:Susa area in Hagi city.Water Service is provided free of charge by the city gorverment.



・Yamaguchi International Exchange Association

Tel:083-925-7353 E-mail:yiea@yiea.or.jp

We offer interpreter/translator volunteers.

Yamaguchi Prefecture International Division

Tel:083-933-2340 E-mail:a12900@pref.yamaguchi.lg.jp

There are four CIRs(Coodinator for International Relations)from America,China,Korea and Spain.