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Changes to the Basic Resident Registration Law 〜Foreign residents will be subject to the Basic Resident Registration Law〜

  • 公開日:2012年10月11日

With the soaring number of foreign nationals entering and residing in Japan each year, the establishment of a legal system by which municipalities can provide basic public services to both foreign and Japanese residents has become an urgent concern.

In order to address such concern, the law for partial amendments to the Basic Resident Registration Law was enacted at the 171st session of Diet and promulgated on July 15, 2009. This will make the Basic Resident Registration Law applicable to foreign residents and help improve their convenience and streamline municipalities’ operations. This amendment will come into effect within three years after the promulgation date (exact date is to be determined by the Cabinet).

In addition, the bill to abolish the Alien Registration Act and revise *concerned immigration laws was passed and enacted at the 171st Diet session. This will replace a certificate of alien registration with a new form of identification, called residence (“zairyu”) card which will be issued at the airport to foreign nationals with legal status of residence.

*The law Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act and the Special Act on the Immigration Control of, Inter Alia, Those who have Lost Japanese Nationality Pursuant to the Treaty of Peace with Japan








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