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Bird Flu (H7N9) Outbreak in China

  • 公開日:2013年04月23日

Leaflets concerning  Bird Flu(H7N9)  are available in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

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*The information listed is from 23rd April 2013.











Bird Flu (H7N9) Outbreak in China


April 23rd 2013, Yamaguchi Prefecture


In China, there are multiple occurrences of people coming down with Bird Flu (H7N9).  As of April 23rd at 16:00 there were 104 cases, 21 of whom have died.  Although it has not been confirmed that bird flu can be spread from person to person, please watch for any further information.


1 When Going to the Outbreak Area (China)

○ Do not approach or touch animals when not necessary

○ Wash your hands well with soap

○ If you experience a fever, cough, or other flu-like symptoms, put on a face mask and go to a nearby hospital


2 When Returning from the Outbreak Area (China)

If you experience a fever, cough, or other flu-like symptoms, go to a quarantine station (located at airports and ports to stop sicknesses from spreading) and consult with them.


3 Within 10 Days of Returning from the Outbreak Area(China)

If you or anyone around you such as your family, experiences fever, cough or other flu-like symptoms, please call one of the health & welfare offices (Public health centers) (listed under item #4 as [Consultation Office]) and let them know that you have been to China and that you (or the affected person) are suffering from influenza-like symptoms; This way, you can be given advice on what hospitals to go to and what issues to be mindful of in such a situation.


What is Bird Flu (H7N9)?

Bird Flu (H7N9) is a sickness caught by birds.  Until recently, it was not known whether it could affect humans. However, on April 1st, 2013, WHO announced that humans had been affected in China.  Among those infected, many people worked with animals, such as selling live birds (chickens) and pigs, but the source and route of infection are still unknown.  According to the Chinese government’s investigation, it is not confirmed whether H7N9 can be transmitted between humans.



4 Contact Information

You can contact the following offices for a consultation about health concerns.

Consultation Office

Phone (TEL)

FAX E-mail
Iwakuni Health & Welfare Office 0827-29-1521 0827-29-1592 a13214@pref.yamaguchi.lg.jp
Yanai Health & Welfare Office 0820-22-3631 0820-22-7286 a13216@pref.yamaguchi.lg.jp
Shunan Health & Welfare Office 0834-33-6423 0834-33-6510 a13217@pref.yamaguchi.lg.jp
Yamaguchi Health & Welfare Office 083-934-2533 083-934-2527 a13219@pref.yamaguchi.lg.jp
Yamaguchi Health & Welfare Office  (Hofu Branch Office) 0835-22-3740 0835-22-0962 a13219@pref.yamaguchi.lg.jp
Ube Health & Welfare Office 0836-31-3200 0836-34-4121 a13220@pref.yamaguchi.lg.jp
Nagato Health & Welfare Office 0837-22-2811 0837-22-6363 a13225@pref.yamaguchi.lg.jp
Hagi Health & Welfare Office 0838-25-2663 0838-26-0691 a13226@pref.yamaguchi.lg.jp
Shimonoseki City Health Office 083-231-1530 083-235-3901 hkhokeny@city.shimonoseki.yamaguchi.jp
Yamaguchi Prefecture Public Health & Welfare Department, Health Promotion Division 083-933-2956 083-933-2969 a15200@pref.yamaguchi.lg.jp


5 Foreign Language Hospitals and Interpretation Services

○ If you don’t understand Japanese but want to consult with someone or go to a hospital, you can get help from a volunteer interpreter

Contact the Yamaguchi International Exchange Association for details

Yamaguchi International Exchange Association (TEL 083-925-7353) http://www.yiea.or.jp/

○ You can also search for hospitals that can help you in a foreign language on the

Yamaguchi Medical Information Network.

http://www.qq.pref.yamaguchi.lg.jp/qq35/WP000/RP000001BL.do (Japanese)

http://www.qq.pref.yamaguchi.lg.jp/mi/ap/qq/sho/pwmedengsr01_002.asp (English)


6 Related Links

○WHO (World Health Organization) http://www.who.int/csr/don/en/index (English)

○Cabinet Secretariat (Japan) http://www.cas.go.jp/jp/influenza/tori_inf/index.html (Japanese)

○Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (Japan)


infulenza/h7n9.html (Japanese)

○Yamaguchi Prefecture Surveillance Center for Infectious Disease

http://kanpoken.pref.yamaguchi.lg.jp/jyoho/page5-1.html (Japanese)