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Disaster Drill for Foreign Residents

  • 公開日:2014年02月05日

This training program is designed to help foreign residents understand how to deal with potential natural disasters in Japan. You’re welcome to participate!

【Dates】Sunday, March 2nd 12:30~16:00

【Place】Hofu Culture and Welfare Center (1-9-2 Midori machi, Hofu City)

【Events】Hear stories about disasters, try eating emergency rations
On Sunday, March 2nd, 10:00~12:00 there will be a lecture on supporting foreign nationals during a disaster

【Participant Cap】30 people

【Fee】Free if you are a foreign national, ¥500 if you are Japanese

【How to apply】Please send us your ①Name ②Age ③Nationality ④Address and⑤Phone Number by email of fax.

【Applications and Questions】Hofu Global Net
TEL 090-9503-7300  FAX 0835-23-6738  E-mail hofuglobalnet@gmail.com

URL http://blog.canpan.info/hofu-global-net/