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2023.08.09 Typoon Alert!

  • 公開日:2023年08月09日
  • Notice

Typhoon No.6 (KHANUN) is approaching.

For detailed information on the path of the typhoon, please refer to the typhoon information on the Japan Meteorological Agency website.

Precautions to take when a typhoon is approaching:

  • Check the latest typhoon information on TV, radio, internet, etc.
  • Be aware of evacuation orders and other disaster prevention information issued by cities and towns.
  • Avoid going out when the typhoon is approaching.
  • Inspect the area around your house and take in objects that are likely to be blown away or secure it.
  • Prepare an emergency pack such as food and a radio to bring out in an emergency.
  • Be on alert for flooding, landslides, and high tides. Keep away from hazardous areas such as flooded rivers and gutters.
  • Check your evacuation site/center, and evacuation route.
  • If it is too dangerous to evacuate to an evacuation site, move to a building as far away from cliffs and rivers as possible, or to a higher place that is less likely to be affected.

*If an “Emergency Warning (Tokubetsu Keihou)” is announced, your area is at risk of serious danger like never before, something that is only experienced every few decades. Please take appropriate action immediately, such as following the evacuation information of the municipality.

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