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2013 Free Daily Life Issues Consultation Desk for Foreign Residents

  • 公開日:2013年04月11日

Is something troubling you in your day to day life?  Are you in need of some help or advice?

If so, feel free to come consult with us about anything.  Discussions will be kept confidential.

Consultation Days: 4/27,  5/11,  5/18,  6/8,  6/22,  7/6 (All fall on a Saturday)

English 9:00 16:00

Spanish 13:00 16:00

Fee: Free of charge

Location: Yamaguchi International Exchange Association’s Conference Room

Consultation Format: You can come in for an in person consultation, or contact us by

phone, fax, or email. There is no need to make an appointment.

【Free Legal Counseling for Foreign Residents】 *Appointment Required

If you need to discuss legal issues, you can talk with a lawyer or notary public.

Lawyer→ General legal counseling

Notary Public→ Counseling on Immigration and Residence Procedures

Times: Consultations are available anytime, but an appointment is required.

Fee: Free of charge

However, you will be charged if there are further procedures after the consultation.

Making an Appointment:

Contact us by email, fax, or phone with 1) the name and contact information (phone, email address)

for the person seeking counseling, 2) general counseling topic(s), 3) the desired date and time, and

4) the desired language for interpreting if necessary.




【Contact for Questions and Appointments】

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation  Yamaguchi International Exchange Association

4-17-1 Yoshiki Shimohigashi, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi 〒753-0814

Business Hours: Tuesday – Saturday (except for national holidays and the New Years period) 8:3017:15

TEL: 083-925-7353     FAX: 083-920-4144

E-mail: yiea@yiea.or.jp URL: http://www.yiea.or.jp/