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The 25th International Seminar of Budo Culture (2013)

  • 公開日:2012年12月12日

The 25th International Seminar of Budo Culture (2013)

This seminar, aimed at foreign budo practitioners who live in Japan, is designed to deepen the understanding of historical philosophic and scientific aspects of budo to increase our mutual friendship and internationalize our traditional culture.
This seminar will also teach the theories and techniques of budo.


Friday, March 8 to Monday, March 11, 2013

Place of seminar

Nippon Budokan Training Center/582 Sawakura,Katsuura City,Chiba.
International Budo University/841 Shinga, Katsuura City, Chiba


Nippon Budokan Training Center/582 Sawakura, Katsuura City,Chiba

Conditions for acceptance

(1) Applicants must be foreign practitioners of modern budo over 18 and be resident in Japan.They must, in principle, have obtained shodan, at least.
(2) Applicants must understand either English or Japanese.(Both languages will be used during the seminar.)
(3) Applicants must, in principle, be recommended by an organization belonging to the Japanese Budo Association. Alternatively they must belong.

Number of participants

(In principle,first time participants will be given preference if the number of applicants exceeds the limit.)

Participation fee

5,250yen (incld.tax)

For further information

Please send a post card or fax to the following.
Please include the words “Request for Budo Seminar information”

Address inquiries
Promotions Division Nippon Budokan Foundation


The organizers will be responsible for accommodation and meals during the seminar at the designated accommodation facility.
Participants must pay their own travel expenses.