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Hagimade with Tea time in Meiringakusha

  • 公開日:2017年07月08日

<Hagimade with tea time in Hagi Meiringakusha>
~Let’s make your own bonsai art at Old Japanese-style class room!~
Do you feel it’s difficult when you hear to make a bonsai?
But it’s in small size and easy to make.

At first, choose the dish you like the best and the local lecturer teach how to make it politely!
Besides you can take away your own bonsai art, and buy her items in the shop if you’ve been curious about her works.
Please feel free to join, preparing the interpreter and handouts in English.
Including tea time, so you’ll spend a relaxing time through enjoy talking and looking around Hagi Meiringakusha.

We’re looking forward to waiting for your coming!

【Date】Aug.6.2017, Sunday

【Where】 Hagi・Meiringakusha(602, Emukai, Hagi City, Yamaguchi, 758-0041)

【Places】 25 persons
【Cost】 Adults 3,000yen/Students(ES,JS,HS) 2,000yen

【Applications Close】 July.31.2017 ※Reservation required

For more information/ to apply
Hagi Meiringakusha
TEL: 0838-21-2018

E-Mail: info@hagimeirin.jp

Hagi Meiringakusha HP: http://hagimeirin.jp/


Ms Yoshiko Okano


Living in Hagi City/
Japanese Handicrafts Association Lecturer

In 2002

Japanese Handicrafts Association Exhibition
is awarded the Yomiuri Shimbun Prize

In 2006
Japanese Handicrafts Association Exhibition
is awarded the Prime Ministers Prize

【Access to Hagi】

◆By Bus
From Shin-Yamaguchi Station
・Super Hagi Gou Bus(to Hagi・Meiringakusha)
Shin-Yamaguchi Station⇔Hagi Meirin center(About 60 mins)
・Bocho Bus
Shin-Yamaguchi Station ⇔Mine City
⇔Hagi Bus center(About 70 mins)
・Chugoku JR Bus
Shin-Yamaguchi Station ⇔Yamaguchi City
⇔Hagi Meirin center(About 110 mins)
◆by Car
・20mins from the Edo(絵堂) interchange
・The Chugoku expressway
via Minehigashi(美祢東) junction
“Ogori Hagi(⼩郡萩) road (free)”