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Request from Yamaguchi Prefecture regarding the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 【February 17th, 2021】

  • 公開日:2021年02月25日
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Request to the residents and businesses of this prefecture 

 Due to the rapid nationwide spread of COVID-19, a state of emergency was declared in January and is still in place in 10 prefectures including Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka after consideration of the low capacity of hospitals.

 Yamaguchi prefecture also saw multiple cluster cases and a rapid increase in cases the beginning of the year, but thanks to the cooperation from the residents, businesses, and health care workers, the number of cases in the prefecture has been declining.

 However, as a nation the virus has not been controlled, so I would like to ask the residents and businesses of this prefecture for your cooperation and understanding in the following points to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

<Points to consider for travel between prefectures>

●Besides essential travel such as to take an entrance exam, we strongly ask you to please refrain from going to prefectures declared a state of emergency.

●Please strongly advise family members and friends from prefectures declared a state of emergency to refrain traveling to Yamaguchi City

●If you are returning to Yamaguchi from prefectures declared a state of emergency or traveling to Yamaguchi from one of those prefectures, please carefully manage your physical health for 2 weeks and if you are feeling unwell, please refrain from going out.

●If you have symptoms such as fever or cough, immediately contact the consultation center or the special consultation desk of your municipality, and seek medical attention.

●For travel to areas that have not declared a state of emergency, please make sure to pay attention of the situation of your destination and take all possible measures to prevent infection.

<Request for corporate activities>

●Please refrain from going on business trips to the affected prefectures and refrain from having visitors from the affected prefectures.

●Please refrain from holding meetings or events that accompany visits from the affected prefectures, and use e-mail or video conferencing instead.

●In order to prevent infection and spread of infection, please give special consideration to the health management of employees who traveled to one of the affected prefectures.

●For businesses such as restaurants, please re-enforce the infection prevention guidelines outlined for each industry.

<Regarding end of the fiscal year functions>

●For events held at the end of the fiscal year, please take thorough infection prevention measures and ensure sufficient physical distance between people.

●For thank-you parties and similar events, please consider holding them without eating or drinking. If the party includes eating or drinking, please take thorough infection prevention measures.

●For graduation trips, we ask for your cooperation in planning a “staggered trip,” which is traveling on weekdays or going to places when it is less crowded and traveling with your usual group of friends.

<Thorough infection prevention measures>

●We ask that each and every one of you practice the ”new lifestyle” measures to prevent the spread of infection, avoid the three C’s, wear a mask, and wash your hands. Please thoroughly implement infection prevention measures in the ”5 situations with increased risk”.

●Please take thorough infection prevention measures such as wearing a mask when talking, and being mindful of dinner parties with large groups for long hours.

<Prevention of discrimination and prejudice against infected people>

●There should never be discrimination or prejudice against infected people, healthcare professionals, and those traveling from outside the prefecture.

●Please check credible sources regarding information on the pandemic, and do not be fooled by lies. Also please do not spread groundless rumors on social media.

●COVID-19 is a virus that can affect anyone. Please treat each other with respect and respond calmly.

MURAOKA Tsugumasa

Governor of Yamaguchi