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“A” information exchange salon for non-Japanese

  • 公開日:2009年12月01日

“A” information exchange salon for non-Japanese

Date:from 1pm to 3 pm the Second Saturday of every month from October to next March
Place:Marifu Yuki Kobe on the Nakadoori St., Iwakuni city

When a foreigner first moves to another country, he/she wants to know how to do with many things, such as learn the language, catch a taxi, ask for directions, buy things when they are shopping, etc. Sometimes they need special services and do not know how to ask for assistance. If they knew where to find this type of information, their time in Japan would be more pleasant and enjoyable.
Here at ISA, we offer advice and assist our members to help make the transition to another foreign country easier. We also have in depth conversations with the opportunity to exchange ideas, which enables our members to give great support. If you want to make friends, we provide information about how and where to meet other foreigners and local people.

Each of us can help make ISA a better organization for you. If you have foreign friends, please tell them about us and suggest joining us. We can help to create a bigger International Circle of Friends.