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24 Youths from Spain and Sri Lanka Come to Yamaguchi

  • 公開日:2018年01月30日

Twenty-four youths from Spain and Sri Lanka who are participating in the FY2017 “Ship for World Youth” Program sponsored by the Cabinet Office, came to Yamaguchi as part of their local program.


〔Program Itinerary〕

  • January 18 (Thurs)

Experienced Wearing a Kimono (Saikotei)

Toured the Five-Storied Pagoda at Ruriko-ji Temple

  • January 19 (Fri)

Courtesy Visit at the Prefectural Government Office

Experienced Matcha Tea Ceremony (Houshouan), Visited Hofu Tenmangu Shrine

Toured Mazda Hofu Plant

Experienced Making Uiro (Hondaya)

Welcome Reception

  • January 20 (Sat)

Homestay within the Prefecture

  • January 21 (Sun)

Moved from Ube Airport –> Tokyo


On the 18th and 19th, university students from the prefecture accompanied us and participated in the exchange.

Many youths experienced wearing a kimono and making uiro for the first time among some of the activities. In addition, they furthered their exchanges at their homestays, eating home cooking and going to tourist spots.

Thank you for your cooperation participating youths and host families.


From now, 122 Japanese youths (2 from Yamaguchi) and 120 youths from 10 countries will have an onshore training session in Tokyo followed by their 34-day training on board a ship.


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