Medical Information for Foreigners

General Guidelines when Visiting Medical Facilities

  • If you are worried about language barriers, visit the medical facility with someone who can speak Japanese.
  • Although some medical facilities say they can help in foreign languages, the foreign language speaking doctor or receptionist may not be on duty. Confirm beforehand so that they are available to offer support during your visit.
  • Please bring your health insurance card, cash, resident card (passport), medications you are currently taking, etc. when visiting the medical facility.
  • Payment at medical facilities is done in cash. (Credit cards are generally not accepted.)
  • Please let the office know beforehand of any special conditions such as religious beliefs that limit types of daily life or medical treatment or food and/or drug allergies.

Yamaguchi Medical Information Net

Yamaguchi Medical Information Net (Medical Policy Division, Yamaguchi Prefectural Government) You can search for medical facilities in Yamaguchi that provide services in foreign languages.

Useful Links

Multilingual Medical Questionnaire (NPO International Community Hearty Konandai, Kanagawa International Foundation) Download medical questionnaire available in 18 languages, fill it out, and bring it with you when visiting a hospital.

AMDA International Medical Information Center (NPO AMDA International Medical Information Center) The center offers introductions to hospitals with medical services available in foreign languages, guidance of Japan’s medical welfare system, and free medical interpretation through the phone (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Thai).
TEL:03-5285-8088 (Tokyo Center), 050-3598-7574 (Osaka Center)

M-Cube Multilingual Medical Questionnaire System (Center for Multicultural Society Kyoto) Before going to a hospital, you can answer a simple multilingual medical questionnaire on the internet from your home.

Multilingual Living Information (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations) Information is available in 15 languages about daily life necessary for foreigners living in Japan.

Tokyo English Lifeline (NPO Tokyo English Lifeline) Free telephone counseling services are available in English.

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