About YIEA

About Yamaguchi International Exchange Association

Yamaguchi International Exchange Association (YIEA) was established on January 1990 to make international exchange activities within each region of the prefecture more active and support groups promoting international activities. Current promotion by the association includes efforts toward international exchange and cooperation as well as focusing on steps toward a “Multiculturalism Society”.


3rd Floor, 1-7 Mizunoue-cho, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, 753-0082
[Open]Tuesday~Saturday (Closed on National holidays, year-end and New Year’s holidays)
[Hours]8:30 ~ 17:15

Yamaguchi International Exchange Association Map

Yamaguchi International Exchange Association Map


Traveling by Car

  • 200m past “Kenchomae” intersection, Taki-machi, Yamaguchi-shi Via National Highway 262 from Chugoku Expressway “Yamaguchi IC” (~6km) Via National Highway 9 from Chugoku Expressway “Ogori IC” (~8km)

Traveling by Public Transportation

  • Nearest bus stop: Kenchomae Bus Stop (300m, Approx. 2 min walk) Nearest station: JR Yamaguchi Station (2 km, Approx. 25 min walk)
  • Approx. 53 min bus ride from Yamaguchi Ube Airport toward Yamaguchi Station, get off at Kenchomae
  • Those coming from JR Shin-Yamaguchi Station By bus: Approx. 30 min on bus toward Yuda, Yamaguchi Kencho, get off at Kenchomae By train: Approx. 23 min by JR Yamaguchi Line JR, get off at JR Yamaguchi Station and walk 25 min (Approx. 2 km)
  • Approx. 5 min bus ride from JR Yamaguchi Station toward Kencho, get off at Kenchomae

Subscribe to E-mail Notices from YIEA

Would you like to receive email information from the Yamaguchi International Exchange Association, including upcoming events on international exchange and cooperation, and multiculturalism and useful information on daily life for foreign nationals, via your phone or computer? Registration is simple, and you can select your preferred language for future mailings, i.e. Japanese or English. You may be charged for receiving YIEA email information via phone depending on your phone plan.

~How to Register~

  • 1.Send a blank email to yiea_mail@yiea.jp from your phone or computer.
  • 2.We will send you a registration e-mail.
  • 3.Click on the link to open the registration page.
  • 4.Fill out the form.
  • 5.Check that you have filled out the form completely and correctly and then click the “submit” button.
  • 6.Your registration has been completed.

Use the exchange lounge for free (Free Wi-Fi available)

The Yamaguchi International Exchange Association lends out its exchange lounge (accommodates 30 people) for conferences, training courses, and study groups on topics such as international exchange and cooperation. Reservations at least a month in advance are necessary to use the exchange lounge. Free Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) is available.

Contact Us

Yamaguchi Interenational Exchange Association.
3rd Floor,1-7 Mizunouecho, Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi, 753-0082
[TEL]083-925-7353 [FAX]083-920-4144 [E-mail]Click Here